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TUESDAY 4-30-13

Presidential Press Conferences are always interesting. Most of us are interested in what the President has to say, and he is always good as he delivers answers to what is obvious prepared and approved before going on the air. Press conferences were started by President Ike Eisenhower, I believe. He was a master at talking to the Press which he learned during briefings in WW II. Some Presidents are very comfortable at the practice while others are not at all. Remember Dick Nixon? There is no question Television changed the entire process of politics. Facial expressions, stupid answers to questions, fumbling and bad posture have ended many a career in politics.

Have a great day, and be kind to your self!

Monday 4-29-13

Well April is almost over. The months do seem to go past faster and faster. I have been told that busy people feel the days go by faster than less busy people. Makes sense.

NEWS is not good this morning in many places in the world. The unrest in Syria and continued terrorist activity in several countries keeps everyone nervous. Here in Northern California someone stabbed a young girl, and has set off a manhunt to find the killer.

There is some good NEWS. The Weather this past weekend was delightful. The forecast for the week is also wonderful with mid 80′s and lots of sunshine.

I was amused by two NEWS stories out of Washington, DC. this weekend. First the Senate approved extending monies to the FAA and the Unions called off the artificial slow downs at major airports. I enjoyed Bob Schieffer of CBS who said: ” it is amazing how fast bi-partisan cooperation in congress acts when the members are personally inconvenienced. ” The other Congressional NEWS this weekend made me mad….children of members of Congress do not have to pay their student loans back. I would think this is dishonest at the very least.

Be kind to yourself today!


Friday is by far the best day of the week. I wake up smiling, planning what to do for the weekend, checking the schedule and eagerly driving down I 80 to do the KAHI Morning News. It is so much fun to have great friends, and many interests that keeps you young and healthy.

Air controllers are at it again this morning. Tampa Florid , Newark and San Francisco appear to be the sites for passenger pain today. Senate passed an extension of funding until September yesterday for the FAA, and also offering flexibility to the management to take cuts from somewhere else. Another case of the tail wagging the dog!

Sad news this morning that the man that was pinned underneath a vehicle while dinning at an outside cafe in Old Town Auburn last Tuesday has passed away from his injuries. Accidents do happen, but always sad to see someone who is killed unexpectedly while still many years to go before Nature makes the decision.

Fire Departments in Norther California starting to send warning messages to us all to prepare for possible high risk this summer for wildfire. Lack of rain, early warm weather into the area and low water content in the Snow Pack is being indicators that the risk can be high. Clearing 100 feet around your home and property, which makes sense.

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself today!


Talked with Congressman Tom McClintock this morning and asked him how congress felt about the forced slowdown by the air controllers. He said: “We are furious that the administration is using this technique to punish the public in an effort to get attention to a situation that isn’t necessary”. He went on to say there are foolish programs the FAA is spending money on that are totally unnecessary. This morning we are getting reports of slowdown at Miami, Chicago and New York area airports. Watching the timing map issued by the FAA it appears to be an organized slowdown with different airports selected at different times so the slowdowns are not severe.

Rodeo in Auburn this weekend, Always a great time, and big project for our Chamber of Commerce.

Temps in the 80′s for this weekend. Great for the outdoor fun you have planned. UV indext is high so watch out for kiddies and sunburn.

Be kind to yourself today!


Ever feel that we USA citizens are just pawns in the greatest chess game ever? Well lets take the current slow-down that is taking place in our Federally funded air control systems at all our major airports. Now let’s see….Air control towers at these major airports, which were built with money that you and I have contributed into the Government by our tax payments are used by companies that charge us large bucks to fly on their airplanes. Private pilots use these airports to fly their own planes for pleasure and business. All these flyers pay huge taxes on their planes and fuel as well as paying at the major airports for landing and parking fees. The controllers which are paid by the Federal Government from our tax money, are unhappy with their management because to satisfy the sequester budget cuts, yes I said budget cuts which is denying the administration from spending future money they want to spend. The FAA is using furloughs or days off without pay, to satisfy their part of not spending future money. So if the amount of money in last year’s budget ran the system and paid the air controllers full salary, why would management of the FAA elect to cut pay to satisfy future cuts in planned spending. Wouldn’t a salary freeze and hiring freeze make more sense? That is what business does when faced with the same situation. No it appears long delays in uncomfortable airports for already stressed travelers is the way to get the congress to restore future spending for the FAA. Now doesn’t that make you a little ticked?

Looks like a perfect day to hit the Golf course. I use Golf as an organized walk in the woods, exercise and mental peace.

Be kind to yourself today!

TUESDAY 4-23-2013

National events do tend to occupy our interest and discussions at the water cooler and over coffee……but our daily life still revolves around routine. Our local NEWS also occupies our conversations but does not stay with us as long. Yesterday was what we call in NEWS…. a “Busy” NEWS day. We had an SUV crash into a local restaurant and disturbed some local Auburn residents while they enjoyed the weather and Old Town. Next reporters were called to the Airport where a pilot escaped injury after successfully landing a Bonanza “T” tail airplane on its belly. Investigators say they believe there was a failure in the electrical switch that lowers the landing gear which forced the pilot to land without wheels. I thought these planes had a mechanical lever that would lower the wheels manually when a pilot experiences a failure like this. The good news is there were no injuries. Pilots like to say that any landing you walk away from is a good landing. All in all, there was some good flying by someone yesterday at the Auburn Airport.

The weather continues to be delightful. The transition from Winter to Summer is always wonderful in the Northern California Foothills. Outside things occupy a lot of our time now as our gardens blossom, while bikes, hiking shoes, Golf Clubs and Tennis Rackets all get taken off the shelf and put in the trunk ready for instant fun.

It does seem we are somewhat back to normal following the Boston Bombing a week ago yesterday. We continue to report the story but most feel that we must go on with our daily routine and hope we won’t be covering this type of story again soon. The reality is there are people in our midst who are hateful and disturbed and will attack somewhere attempting to make a statement of their unhappiness or ideology.

Be kind to yourself today!

MONDAY 4-22-13

Today marks the one week anniversary of the Boston Bombing. In one week the entire country has entered into major discussion on how this could have happened. Politicians are now starting to question the FBI as reports continue to show they were involved with these two brothers for months, and did not see this disaster coming. It is hard to believe with all the sophistication we as a nation have in electronics, experience and training that we don’t seem to take action BEFORE the disaster happens. Nice chat with Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn this morning. His answer to the question on how advanced we are in the USA to predict events like the Boston Bombing since 911 was interesting: “we have advanced greatly in electronics, cross agency communication and training, but as predicting disaster and acting on hunch has not advanced at all”. Personal Privacy Protection laws are one of the barriers, some which restrict action and there are some lack of services, like mental health, on stopping someone before an event.

The Air Controllers are being accused this morning for deliberately slowing down take offs and landings impacting travelers and making air travel more stressful that it already is. Controllers have done this before when they are mad at pay and working issues by enforcing the 5 minute rule at busy airports. Normal take off and landing times are about one minute or shorter when more than one runway is in use. The issue today is a forced day off to save budget monies enforced by the Government as a budget balancing process. Los Angeles is reporting 3 hour delay and 4 hour delays expected at other major airports throughout the country.

Be kind to yourself today!


This has been a wild NEWS week. Starting Monday with the Boston Bombings, killing of one of two brothers, capturing the younger brother, reporting they were trained to be terrorists and part of a terrorist cell of 12, to a Senate defeat of gun legislation which angered President Obama, to a Senator falling into a pool, to NBC Sportscaster Al Michaels getting arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. I am guessing most of the reporters on major beat are going through withdrawal this morning.

I attended a ROTARY District 5190 Assembly at Reno, Nevada Friday night and Saturday. I spent some quality time with the new incoming District Governor Vicky Pulitz and her Husband Tim, both who represent the best of our organization with dedication, kindness, and high energy. Our keynote speakers and staff that train the incoming officers and presidents for the next year were wonderful. I will celebrate my 49th year in ROTARY this year in October, and feel privileged to serve and contribute to this incredible organization.

I am excited at our Local ROTARY president Bart O’brian’s pet project on reading is being met with such success as reported by News Director Mary West in our NEWS section.

I will cover on Auburn TV NEWS 20, the new 5 million gallon water tank that is being constructed by PCWA in North Auburn, and travel to the homeless “villages” with a Deputy Sheriff from Placer County who is assigned to assist them.

Am Enjoying Lake Tahoe today, unwinding from a busy week and getting re-charged for the next one that starts at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself today!

Friday 4-19-13

The Boston Bombing continues to dominate the NEWS this morning. My first reaction after getting first NEWS at 5 AM, was, OK great, our FBI and other agencies have responded and delivered. I became disappointed when it was reported that one man had been shot and killed…because now we won’t find out why this person decided to do this dastardly act. Hearing his younger brother had escaped the shootout, and was loose in the suburban part of Boston was unsettling knowing the drama was far from over, and citizens would be subjected to more danger.

As the story continues to unfold, we learn the two men are from a section of Russia well known for its harboring terrorist training. I am sure we will know a lot more as the day goes on.

Congressman Tom McClintock of the 4th California District brought his usual view to the episode this morning on our Morning NEWS……..”we have had periods of this type of activity before, and we survived it…..we will survive it again.”

Weather for the weekend looks fantastic, hope you enjoy.

Be kind to yourself today!

THURSDAY 4-18-13

The explosion in the small town of WEST TEXAS focuses attention again to the Waco Texas area as reports are coming out of over 160 hurt, several missing and several dead. It was February 19, 1993 when members of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) stormed a farmhouse where a religious group named the Branch Davidians held off agents for 50 days. On April 19th, 75 were dead and one of the worst cases of modern Government v.s. citizens came to an end.

The Fertilizer explosion also brought back memories of the Oklahoma City Bombing by American Terrorist Timothy McVeigh on April 19th, 1995. Fertilizer was the main material McVeigh used for the bomb he placed inside a rental truck which killed 168 adults and children and left over 800 hurting.

April 19th shows up in history many times. In addition to the WACO Massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombing, Charles Manson was sentenced to death for conspiracy to commit the Tate/Labianca murders, the first space station was launched, General Douglas MacArthur resigned from the US Army and actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer of Monaco. .

The Fertilizer factory explosion last night has not been reported as anything other than an accident, however, everyone is suspicious that it might be a case of deliberate action. The Press are being cautious in reporting this today after taking a lot of critical shots at the reporting of the Boston Bombing with a lot of early speculation that proved to be inaccurate.

Be Kind To Yourself, Today!