The Bombing in Boston this week brings forth all the fears and concerns we have with terrorists that are in our midst, and plan to disrupt our life styles by harming us and our families. This is a far cry from the previous conflicts our country has been in. Some of us remember WW II, Korea, & Viet Nam. The closest to these wars was the Morning Newspapers and the Evening News on NBC. Now we are looking over our shoulders and suspicious of strangely dressed and speaking college students with visa’s. We also scan our IPADS and IPHONES reading TWITTER to try and find out what is happening. The world has changed, and so have we. Now we are cautious enough to think about going to that next concert, parade, or marathon. Wonder whose winning this war?

Has been a busy week so far….weather has been unsettled which is typical of April. Remember, April showers brings May flowers!

Watching the drama at Sacramento on whether tonights KING’s game is the LAST game in town? Been here before, right?

Be kind to yourself!

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