Friday 4-19-13

The Boston Bombing continues to dominate the NEWS this morning. My first reaction after getting first NEWS at 5 AM, was, OK great, our FBI and other agencies have responded and delivered. I became disappointed when it was reported that one man had been shot and killed…because now we won’t find out why this person decided to do this dastardly act. Hearing his younger brother had escaped the shootout, and was loose in the suburban part of Boston was unsettling knowing the drama was far from over, and citizens would be subjected to more danger.

As the story continues to unfold, we learn the two men are from a section of Russia well known for its harboring terrorist training. I am sure we will know a lot more as the day goes on.

Congressman Tom McClintock of the 4th California District brought his usual view to the episode this morning on our Morning NEWS……..”we have had periods of this type of activity before, and we survived it…..we will survive it again.”

Weather for the weekend looks fantastic, hope you enjoy.

Be kind to yourself today!

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