This has been a wild NEWS week. Starting Monday with the Boston Bombings, killing of one of two brothers, capturing the younger brother, reporting they were trained to be terrorists and part of a terrorist cell of 12, to a Senate defeat of gun legislation which angered President Obama, to a Senator falling into a pool, to NBC Sportscaster Al Michaels getting arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. I am guessing most of the reporters on major beat are going through withdrawal this morning.

I attended a ROTARY District 5190 Assembly at Reno, Nevada Friday night and Saturday. I spent some quality time with the new incoming District Governor Vicky Pulitz and her Husband Tim, both who represent the best of our organization with dedication, kindness, and high energy. Our keynote speakers and staff that train the incoming officers and presidents for the next year were wonderful. I will celebrate my 49th year in ROTARY this year in October, and feel privileged to serve and contribute to this incredible organization.

I am excited at our Local ROTARY president Bart O’brian’s pet project on reading is being met with such success as reported by News Director Mary West in our NEWS section.

I will cover on Auburn TV NEWS 20, the new 5 million gallon water tank that is being constructed by PCWA in North Auburn, and travel to the homeless “villages” with a Deputy Sheriff from Placer County who is assigned to assist them.

Am Enjoying Lake Tahoe today, unwinding from a busy week and getting re-charged for the next one that starts at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself today!

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