MONDAY 4-22-13

Today marks the one week anniversary of the Boston Bombing. In one week the entire country has entered into major discussion on how this could have happened. Politicians are now starting to question the FBI as reports continue to show they were involved with these two brothers for months, and did not see this disaster coming. It is hard to believe with all the sophistication we as a nation have in electronics, experience and training that we don’t seem to take action BEFORE the disaster happens. Nice chat with Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn this morning. His answer to the question on how advanced we are in the USA to predict events like the Boston Bombing since 911 was interesting: “we have advanced greatly in electronics, cross agency communication and training, but as predicting disaster and acting on hunch has not advanced at all”. Personal Privacy Protection laws are one of the barriers, some which restrict action and there are some lack of services, like mental health, on stopping someone before an event.

The Air Controllers are being accused this morning for deliberately slowing down take offs and landings impacting travelers and making air travel more stressful that it already is. Controllers have done this before when they are mad at pay and working issues by enforcing the 5 minute rule at busy airports. Normal take off and landing times are about one minute or shorter when more than one runway is in use. The issue today is a forced day off to save budget monies enforced by the Government as a budget balancing process. Los Angeles is reporting 3 hour delay and 4 hour delays expected at other major airports throughout the country.

Be kind to yourself today!

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