TUESDAY 4-23-2013

National events do tend to occupy our interest and discussions at the water cooler and over coffee……but our daily life still revolves around routine. Our local NEWS also occupies our conversations but does not stay with us as long. Yesterday was what we call in NEWS…. a “Busy” NEWS day. We had an SUV crash into a local restaurant and disturbed some local Auburn residents while they enjoyed the weather and Old Town. Next reporters were called to the Airport where a pilot escaped injury after successfully landing a Bonanza “T” tail airplane on its belly. Investigators say they believe there was a failure in the electrical switch that lowers the landing gear which forced the pilot to land without wheels. I thought these planes had a mechanical lever that would lower the wheels manually when a pilot experiences a failure like this. The good news is there were no injuries. Pilots like to say that any landing you walk away from is a good landing. All in all, there was some good flying by someone yesterday at the Auburn Airport.

The weather continues to be delightful. The transition from Winter to Summer is always wonderful in the Northern California Foothills. Outside things occupy a lot of our time now as our gardens blossom, while bikes, hiking shoes, Golf Clubs and Tennis Rackets all get taken off the shelf and put in the trunk ready for instant fun.

It does seem we are somewhat back to normal following the Boston Bombing a week ago yesterday. We continue to report the story but most feel that we must go on with our daily routine and hope we won’t be covering this type of story again soon. The reality is there are people in our midst who are hateful and disturbed and will attack somewhere attempting to make a statement of their unhappiness or ideology.

Be kind to yourself today!

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