Ever feel that we USA citizens are just pawns in the greatest chess game ever? Well lets take the current slow-down that is taking place in our Federally funded air control systems at all our major airports. Now let’s see….Air control towers at these major airports, which were built with money that you and I have contributed into the Government by our tax payments are used by companies that charge us large bucks to fly on their airplanes. Private pilots use these airports to fly their own planes for pleasure and business. All these flyers pay huge taxes on their planes and fuel as well as paying at the major airports for landing and parking fees. The controllers which are paid by the Federal Government from our tax money, are unhappy with their management because to satisfy the sequester budget cuts, yes I said budget cuts which is denying the administration from spending future money they want to spend. The FAA is using furloughs or days off without pay, to satisfy their part of not spending future money. So if the amount of money in last year’s budget ran the system and paid the air controllers full salary, why would management of the FAA elect to cut pay to satisfy future cuts in planned spending. Wouldn’t a salary freeze and hiring freeze make more sense? That is what business does when faced with the same situation. No it appears long delays in uncomfortable airports for already stressed travelers is the way to get the congress to restore future spending for the FAA. Now doesn’t that make you a little ticked?

Looks like a perfect day to hit the Golf course. I use Golf as an organized walk in the woods, exercise and mental peace.

Be kind to yourself today!

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