Monday 4-29-13

Well April is almost over. The months do seem to go past faster and faster. I have been told that busy people feel the days go by faster than less busy people. Makes sense.

NEWS is not good this morning in many places in the world. The unrest in Syria and continued terrorist activity in several countries keeps everyone nervous. Here in Northern California someone stabbed a young girl, and has set off a manhunt to find the killer.

There is some good NEWS. The Weather this past weekend was delightful. The forecast for the week is also wonderful with mid 80’s and lots of sunshine.

I was amused by two NEWS stories out of Washington, DC. this weekend. First the Senate approved extending monies to the FAA and the Unions called off the artificial slow downs at major airports. I enjoyed Bob Schieffer of CBS who said: ” it is amazing how fast bi-partisan cooperation in congress acts when the members are personally inconvenienced. ” The other Congressional NEWS this weekend made me mad….children of members of Congress do not have to pay their student loans back. I would think this is dishonest at the very least.

Be kind to yourself today!

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