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The Bombing in Boston this week brings forth all the fears and concerns we have with terrorists that are in our midst, and plan to disrupt our life styles by harming us and our families. This is a far cry from the previous conflicts our country has been in. Some of us remember WW II, Korea, & Viet Nam. The closest to these wars was the Morning Newspapers and the Evening News on NBC. Now we are looking over our shoulders and suspicious of strangely dressed and speaking college students with visa’s. We also scan our IPADS and IPHONES reading TWITTER to try and find out what is happening. The world has changed, and so have we. Now we are cautious enough to think about going to that next concert, parade, or marathon. Wonder whose winning this war?

Has been a busy week so far….weather has been unsettled which is typical of April. Remember, April showers brings May flowers!

Watching the drama at Sacramento on whether tonights KING’s game is the LAST game in town? Been here before, right?

Be kind to yourself!


We wrapped up our first hour long TV NEWS program on the Local Cable Company. The have a great crew, and a lot of fun to work with. I did my first Television NEWS in 1964 when the Cable Television Industry decided to operate local home town television channels. I had a wonderful time engineering several studio systems, do camera and production work, and then on camera work in several large metro cities back east. Opportunity and other obligations took me to other management positions and industries. I feel like I have gone home to visit an old friend. Good to be back on TV and reporting local news and events to everyone. KAHI Radio is still my home as Barry in the Morning, and now stretching to a camera to enhance the stories is a hoot. We will have linkage to the program, and hope you watch when you have time. One hour a week. Schedules and other information will be coming.

The Auburn City Council created some controversy this week as they wrestle with zoning State driven requirements that demands the city make zoned property available to homeless shelter construction. Many in attendance were passionate about wanting better placement and away from Rail Road property. The State of California mandated all cities to have zoned areas and criteria for the shelters by 10-13 and was issued in 2007. The city was criticized for waiting almost 6 years to act on this mandate. One suggestion by Councilman Bill Kirby was to investigate a county solution to the homeless problem and cities would contribute toward a common effort. I have been investigating the treatment of Homeless and Mental Ill people for the last three months, and have learned a lot, and still am. The ironic thing is the current model started with President Harry Truman who felt there had to be a major modification to the Federal Program to care for the Mental Ill citizens. President John F. Kennedy revised it further which was further expanded by President Lindon Johnson. The Truman model was to close all federal hospitals and fund states to take care of the ill. Truman believed with the returning soldiers from WW II would overwhelm the system, and having the problem supported closer to home would be better for the mental patients. Some states took the lead in this concept such as Massassachuets, CT. and PA. Their programs created state hospitals and neighborhood facilities to care for their residents. California also created state hospitals including the Dewitt Center which started as a military hospital to take care of injured soldiers coming home from the Pacific theater. The Federal Government then turned Dewitt Center over to the state and became a mental hospital. President Ronald Regan then shut down all the State run hospitals with two exceptions. one in Napa and another one somewhere in the central state. Dewitt patients, along with several thousand others were literally set to the streets to fend for themselves.

The Grand Model started by Truman was forced to dealt with by the State, and California State Senator Darrell Strindberg helped author Proposition 63 in November of 2004 to fund, support and provide other resources to support COUNTY health services. This Prop would tax earners of more than one million dollars each year by a 1% tax.

I plan to continue to examine the Prop, how the County is doing, and are the mentally ill getting the care they need? Stay Tuned!

Be Kind To Your Self Today!

Monday 4-8-113

The Weather for this week is delicious. 70’s and 80’s possible with only light clouds. Perfect for gardening, golf, flying, fishing…..all the things we love to do in Northern California.

Had an interesting conversation this weekend on how Rain is created, difference between the rain and water contents differ from the East coast and the Pacific North West. Was really fun, and sparked a fun debate among the group.

Finishing our first AUBURN NEWS20 cast for the AUBURN COMMUNITY CABLE Channel. We had many great things to cover last week. Will be on UTUBE soon, will let you know.

Margaret Thatcher’s passing allowed reporters to bring back the many past accomplishments of the first women Prime Minister of Britain. She was and has been an inspiration to many women around the world by showing a classy woman can be tough and smart. RIP Margaret Thatcher.

Interesting story today in the BEE about rental housing in the Sacramento Market. Major shift since the housing crash with major money companies buying homes well below the water mark and with refurbishment putting them on the rental market.

Off to the Golf course….if only in my dreams. :)

Be Kind to yourself!

FRIDAY 4-5-13

First BLOG on KAHI…..welcome and thanks for being a part of the KAHI Family. The AM NEWS today is somewhat unsettling with North Korea moving inter-ballistic missiles to their East coast, closer to and pointed to the West Coast of the US. Our administration says that if they provoke a war action, it will force a change of administration in North Korea with some saying this may be a desired end result by some other Governments, just letting the USA be blamed for it. Embassies are being vacated by several countries in light of the current actions by North Korea. All we need is another war………

Had a great yesterday as we kicked off production for the first KAHI-AUBURN COMMUNITY TV weekly TV NEWS cast, which I will host. We covered several events including the fun dedication of a Name TILE at Central Square, to a great lady and well known Auburn resident and business woman, Annabell McCord. She was very active in local Auburn affairs and politics serving as Mayor. She was a great “cheer leader” for Auburn and encouraged everyone to participate in the Town’s activities. She was well know for using the statement: “If not YOU, then WHO?”…Friend Cheryl Maki did a wonderful job pulling a lot of people together to make this happen…..

Weekend Weather is looking good for having fun in the Great Foothills.