Wednesday May 1st, 2013

Northern California, Sacramento and Placerville in particular, are making National NEWS this week because of violence and children. The Sacramento case involves Child Services and Police charging into a home and removing a baby boy after parents had removed the baby from one Hospital and took him to another because of a disagreement with a Doctor and Nurse insisting on a treatment for the baby who suffers from a heart disease. Local talk radio is airing everything from accusing the Dr, Nurse, CPS and Police of terrorist tactics to accusing parents of bad judgement. Debate is good and maybe all the publicity will bring everyone to a higher level of understanding. The other stories about children unfortunately is of a tragic stabbing of an 8 year old girl with the killer still on the run, and a man entering a woman’s apartment in Placerville and attempting to kidnap her 18 month old. She protected the child and fought off the man saving her child. God Bless her strength.

Enjoying the wonderful foothills weather….mid 80’s all week with low humidity and light wind. What a wonderful way to start spring in Northern California.

Have a great day. Be kind to yourself today!

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