With several reports yesterday and this morning of wild fires throughout the state, we begin another summer season which in California is also “Wildfire” season. Long before there were people in California Mother Nature used wildfire as a way to get rid of dead wood and brush clearing the land so new growth could come forth. This cycle went on for thousands of years as a part of the normal ecology. As man came along, built homes and cities, highways and by-ways, fire became a destroyer rather than a cleansing cycle. Today, California has several hundred, if not thousands of fires that are started naturally by lightening. I have seen maps that can show several thousand lightening strikes in a 5 minute period in the foothills, many that start a fire. Unfortunately this season also brings out the fearful “Firebug”. These people obviously have some type of mental disorder that drives them to start fires, or are criminal in nature and are paid or desire to destroy property of others.

The people that train and fight these wildfires are the true hero’s of our population. Men and Women, not over paid, and only work a few months a year, risk their lives every time they suit up with many pounds of gear, train vigorously, and never know what they will face as they fly, drive, ride or march into the extreme heat and danger of an out of control wildfire. Think if you or I were required to carry a fire resistant tent with us every day we went to work. Think is every time you answered a call you kiss your family not knowing if you will return. This is hero I am talking about.

The next time you hear a tanker pass over, or smell that early morning smoke that is generated this time of year, think of the special people that are out there trying to protect you and me.

God bless each and every one of you and stay safe.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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