The Sacramento BEE newspaper has sparked a major investigation into a practice called “Dumping”. This is not a new practice, but finally exposed to the world. What is Dumping? It is when a hospital releases a mentally ill patient, buys them a one way ticket on a Greyhound Bus with instructions that when they get to the end of the line, call 911 and expect the local authorities to get them into a local shelter, mental care facility, food and care. California has been the target for this practice for many years, and organizations like the Salvation Army, Gathering Inn, Loaves and Fishes and others have risen with contributions from local generous business and people. The County Government services also take a hit as this population arrives unannounced from another state. The BEE broke this story a few weeks ago when they reported that a Mental Hospital in Las Vegas has been “Dumping” mental patients on several states for some time. California was hit the highest showing 500 tickets bought on Greyhound buses since 2008. Los Angeles was the winner with 213 while San Diego was 2nd at 69 and San Francisco at 36. Sacramento is also on the list and how this exposure all started. The Las Vegas hospital sent a mentally ill man to Sacramento on the bus with instructions to dial 911 when he arrived, which he did, etc.

Now here is the dirty little secret…..this “Dumping” practice has been going on for years. I have been investigating this for several months, and my sources tell me that “Dumping” goes on all the time. Sources that are sometime beneficiaries of these practices tell me that it is a real problem and truly hurts the mentally ill by making them face abandonment and confusion at best, and certainly puts them on street of strange cities who then are forced to deal with them. What I am trying to understand is the point? Is it a money thing? Usually is!

What I fear is that I will find out that there are some very bad people in the system that are trying to get rid of unfortunate other people that cannot help them selves. Rather than help as they should, they “Dump”. Shame on them! Shame on those who have authority and power to fix the problem and don’t. Are they Dumping too by ignoring the problem?

Have a great day and weekend! Be kind to yourself today!

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