MONDAY 5-6-13

Rain…”just singing in the rain”. California is enjoying some rain today and tomorrow.East coast people don’t have a clue why we love the rain in California. Eastern states get rain about 4 times a month. Lawns are lush green, mountains are covered with the Maple, Pine, and Spruce trees, and Wild Fire is rare if at all. So let me hear it “Just singing in the rain………

Don’t forget Mothers Day this weekend. The one thought I try to pass on to all, none of us would be here if not for Mothers. They deserve our respect and love just for that reason. Thanks Mom, I miss you even after all these years. You were headstrong, made me take responsibility, encouraged me to play the piano by taking lessons with me, taught me to shoot a .22 rifle, be alert to danger, enjoy hugs, and understand it is OK to cry. I lost her early in my life to Cancer, and the final thing she gave me was to live everyday to its fullest because time is precious. She also taught me to respect others and your personal talents, and try and learn something new every day. She has been gone 53 years but she put an indelible kiss on my heart. Miss you mom!.

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  1. loyce

    Continue to keep the focus on the local. We wish to know more about our world of Auburnites and their doings.


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