TUESDAY 5-7-13

The major story today is the discovery of three young women in Cleveland Ohio. The three had been kidnapped as teenagers and held ten years against their will. There are many questions on how this can happen, next door, to USA home town America. The Casey Dugard case in California comes to mind as we remember this bizarre story of a young woman held in the back yard of what all thought was a normal neighborhood. Some of us believe someone knows, but turning in a neighbor is not easy and one could be wrong. There is always the question why the captors didn’t escape before today….but since most of us have never experienced anything like this, no way can we judge.

We are all watching the hearings on Benghazi as more information comes forth on this terrible incident that cost three Americans their lives. A US diplomat is now saying that special forces that could have saved them were told by the State Department to “Stand Down”. Ambassador Christopher Stevens who was killed has family in the area and I am sure they are watching the coverage with special interest.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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