Big O Tire in downtown Auburn announced closing yesterday. Sad to see since their presence has been a landmark in Auburn for many years. I have instructed many visitors to KAHI Radio by saying we are in the State Theater, on Lincoln Way, across the street from “BIG O”. Over the last years, Dan Louper the owner  become an early morning partner as he arrived at the store about 5:30 each morning, as I do at the radio station. It was always a “Good Morning Dan” as he and I unlocked the doors, and picked up the Auburn Journal. Sad to see you go Dan, best as you look to the future.

I attended the hearing on the North Auburn sewer rate increase at the Placer County Supervisors yesterday and witnessed a sad reality that residents and voters are often very misinformed and suffer disillusionment to major events that are going on in our Government. Several upset residents approached the podium and spoke from notes or from the heart asking Supervisors to not approve something that had been acted on several months ago. As an observer, I felt that most of the upset people believed they were protesting the decision made 18 months ago by the Supervisors to send waste water from North Auburn to Lincoln to a regional waste water treatment plant. So what does this say about our system of communication. We media NEWS people believe we have been on this story for years as the political representatives held hearings, talked with residents, spent hours and months gathering information and attempting to understand the details to make a prudent long term decision.

So have we failed in getting the story out….the facts and figures? My analysis is no, the majority of the residents that are affected did not protest, so the majority rules, and the process goes forward. We will continue to monitor and process and hope it works out to the best for everyone.

Have a great day…be kind to yourself!

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