The NEWS this week has been Bizarre. The hearings going on in congress over the Benghazi event going from discovery of negligence by high officials in Government to high drama as members of both sides of the aisle use the opportunity to get on national TV which is like catnip to them. The other major event coverage this week runs from the discovery of three young women who were kidnapped in Cleveland Ohio ten years ago, and escaped their captures who are now being arraigned and being held in jail, to the verdict of guilty for Jodi Arias for killing her boyfriend. The real interest is not just the events but what press organizations are covering what. As expected, the hearings on Benghazi which might embarrass the administration is getting the least while the human drama’s are front page, TV lead stories. The one story that has me most fascinated was the report that shows Americans have the most trust in Actors. Tom Cruise was listed as the top most trusted person. Denzel Washington and Merril Street were in the top 5. What it says that someone that performs by acting out someone else’s words and actions are the most trusted people. Want to bet Tom Cruise becomes a political spokesperson soon?

Our Spring Waters will be attractive this weekend as we hit the mid 80’s and families will be drawn to our lakes and streams. The warm air wiill make the cold waters attractive but officials are warning, with good cause, that these spring waters are cold and sometime swift current. We unfortunately report several drownings each year. Life preservatives are readily available, and too much alcohol never allows for good judgement. Have a safe weekend, and don’t be part of the NEWS Monday.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!

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