Homeless in America……hard to believe. We are the richest and most caring country in the world, yet there is a percentage of our population that is living in cars, alleys, under Interstate bridges, and hallways in our cities. Our city and county governments are struggling with services for the homeless, however there are wide sections of this community that complains bitterly they can’t get doctor appointments, medications, help with shelter, etc.

The City of Auburn last night voted unanimously to approve two locations that will be zoned to allow a homeless shelter to be built. This action is a result of a state mandate by the State of California that started in 2007 and the City must be in compliance by October 31 of this year, or loose its power to approve building permits.

The emotional issue with dealing with the Homeless population runs full circle. Residents in neighborhoods don’t want them; businesses don’t want them; and some personnel working in government agencies being paid to work with these people not only don’t want them, they help to get them on Greyhound buss’s and send them to other states. This is called “Dumping”.

There is another side to this and it rests with dedicated people that attempt to care for this population by providing services and guidance with a goal to get the homeless back into the mainstream of getting a job, spiritual support, clothing, food, and housing. Much of this help is outside government services and is supported financially by gifts of money, food and clothing. There is support from many in the religious community such as the Salvation Army, 7th Day Adventists, and many churches here in Placer County open their doors in the evening hours providing a meal and a place to sleep. Over 40 churches are participating in this effort. Homeless are bussed by an organization called “The Gathering Inn” which also holds council sessions to help these folks get back into the mainstream of life. Major Grocery chains provide food, ROTARY provides fresh garden vegetables to the tune of 20 thousand pounds each year, and thousands of individuals provide clothing and money.

The County Government provides services: Medical clinics for regular and mental help; schools support educational support for homeless children along with some medical and food services.

So the obvious question is: With all these support systems, why are there any homeless people?

I am working on that, and hopefully will answer it for you and me soon!

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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