With all the investigations going on in Washington one wonders if there is any real work going on there. There is also some talk that maybe some of this is “Deflection” which is the art of creating activity in one area to deflect the press off another investigation. Whether the deflection works or not depends upon the press’s interest in a subject.

What I do is watch the source of the story. If it is a Government agency or an internal leak, like the IRS in this recent audit case, then I suspect “Deflection”. If it is a reporter or media, then I believe it was the hard work of some reporter.

Typically, the Press will select to cover the story that gets them the most viewership on the evening NEWS. Of course, more viewers, Networks can charge more for the advertising. Gee, it is all driven by money…..who would have thought about that?

Have a great day, be kind to yourself today!

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