Monday May 20,2013

Well, the weekend is over and I am resting up from a great weekend in Reno NV, attending a Convention for ROTARY District 5190. Many do not know what or who ROTARY is. In one sentence, ROTARY is a world wide service organization, 1.2 million membership, non-political, non-religious, dedicated to better health, living conditions, and peace. The organization has an International President and staff, but they are members of their own LOCAL club. All Local clubs are dedicated to their own communities with projects and fund raisers that are invested back into the community in the form of Scholarships. The friendships that I have formed through ROTARY have improved my life by shaping my commitments and efforts by helping others and involvement into my community and state. Each convention reaffirms the results of our organization as we see and hear young people speak and perform music that is exciting and inspirational by demonstrating that our support to young people is a great investment into the future of our entire world. Am resting today, reflecting the incredible download of information and emotions, clearing the path to return to the air tomorrow at 6 AM as host of the KAHI Morning NEWS. I have definitely expanded my horizons and happy that happens every time I attend one of these.

Have a great day, and “be kind to your self today!”

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