TUESDAY 5-21-13

Disaster’s like the Tornado’s that are hitting the city of Moore, Oklahoma in the mid west with high counts of deaths brings us all to realize what small parts of the earth environment we are. The force of a weather event like a Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Wildfire or Earthquake always humbles us and focus’s us to the reality that the force of Mother Nature is far greater that anything we can invent or create.

These events also bring the best out of people as they unselfishly kick in to help in every way. Neighbors are the first responders followed by professional “First Responders” from Fire and Rescue who have trained to handle these disasters but also need support and help to deal with the emotional kick they suffer as they “just do their jobs” as they always say when interviewed. As I have said before here, these are the true hero’s in our society. The sadness of all the children being killed is hard to take for anyone. Our prayers go out to the Mom’s and Dad’s that must deal with this tragedy while also losing there homes as well.

Moore will rebuild, lives will return to somewhat normal, but the memories and emotions will shape the future of those affected, who’s lives will have been changed forever.

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