The hearings in Washington resumed getting high levels of coverage by the press this morning. Ms. Lerner has become the spotlight of attention this morning since she was the head of the IRS division that was administrating the “Tax Exempt” status of organizations such as the Tea Party. Her opening statement was as expected, her record of working for the Government and then took the 5th amendment to protect her from testifying before the House Committee. The Chairman challenged her and told her to seek council which she did, then restated she would not testify and left the committee hearing.

Most Americans now believe she is guilty, and this will become the endless debate between talk show hosts, with legal opinions, and lots of chatter from both expert and wanna-be-experts to fill the airways.

The other observation is that major scandals being highlighted in Washington involving the administration have at the forefront high profile women. Ms. Lerner at the IRS and UN representative Rice on lying about Bengazi affair. The protection of the President by the members of the administrative corps is very interesting and under scrutiny at many levels.

What is that old saying: “Just because you are paranoid…doesn’t mean that aren’t out to get you!”

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!


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