I am running into more and more people who have changed their diet to a more fruit and vegetable fare. All of them say:” am feeling better and have lost over X pounds. Every one looks better, say they are exercising, looking at labels, etc.

I guess the message is getting through. Healthy life style is becoming more in vogue, and the shift that this will make is fascinating. If large numbers of (I see mostly Baby Boomers) people shift from meat and preservative protected foods, then grocery stores will start to shift their shelf stocking, farmers will have to shift their planting process, and buying habits will shift the entire food processing system. This will not happen overnight, but over time, the shift will take place.

Indicators appear to support my observation. McDonalds is selling less hamburger and putting more salads and chicken on their drive through menu. Soups and Salads are being more and more highlighted on high end restaurants. One chain is getting more and more popular with “endless Soup and Salad” offerings and the parking lots and waiting time are both reflecting the popular fare.

Another indicator I think I see is the increased floor space at supermarkets and super stores like Walmart and Target being occupied by fruits and vegetables, and increased space dedicated to local organically grown food.

I will continue to watch this shift as I get back to breakfast: Oatmeal, raisins, banana, natural honey in my herbal green tea, then strawberries and blueberries to finish before I head off to the gym at 9:00. By the way, I have dropped 12% of my weight and two inches at the waist since January. Wonder how that happened?

Have a great day. Be kind to yourself today!

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