The current status of affairs in Washington is getting a lot of attention, and a fair amount of name calling between the parties, and this time, with the FBI involved in political infighting, and the Justice Department going after some members of the Press, there is a lot more coverage and certainly a lot of talk show hosts and “Experts” being on the air.

The National Debate that is now going on is causing some to be frustrated and somewhat scared that our Government is on the brink of collapse. Others of us look at the system, and I personally believe the constitution and our founders predicted this and freedom of the Press was a very well thought out platform to check Government when it gets out of control and abuses our basic rights. My observation of the press over the last 50 years is they became complacent, and lost their true mission to expose the Government when it misbehaves. Having one of their own targeted by Government abuse has stirred them up and like mad bees, are doing what they were franchised to do by investigating what the Government is up to.

Government’s by their nature try to act without transparency and attempt to quiet the press, shut it down, or attempt to control it. History has shown us in every case that when a Government goes rogue against its people, the first thing they do is crush the free expression of the press. In our free society, the Government quite often use “Leaks” to get exposure of wrong doing out into the public forum. This obviously makes the bad guys mad and they blame the press and try to retaliate.

So back to the constitution, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are corner stones of our system of Government For the People, and By the People. It’s when our representatives forget that, and attempt to BE the Government that the Press is supposed to tell on them.

Ben, George, John and the others understood this and so far it has sustained our Government as designed. There is always the fear that one day the bad guys will win and we fall apart. Pray that never happens!

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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