BARRY’S BLOG Wednesday 5-29-13

Well, without much fanfare the NBA Board approved the sale of the Kings Basketball Franchise yesterday. The one sentence press release was almost un-noticed and appeared to be un-climatic. So now what happens?

Sacramento Mayor Johnson will now be really tested to see if the deal he has engineered sticks together. If the deal goes as advertised, then the face of Sacramento will change forever-more. The Skyline will change as the downtown mall will be leveled and a new high rise stadium will raise. Along with that is planned stores and new housing units. This will bring lots of construction jobs first, then staffing the stadium and other venue’s will put a lot of folks to work. Sacramento will also be in a position to become a destination city for conventions and other events that will attract visitors from all over the world. This increase in traffic will bring a lot of tourist dollars into town, and hopefully everyone will benefit. Sounds great!

Of course there will be the possible other side and things will fall short of expectation. Some cities have, and the financial hit to taxpayers and the economy has been hard.

Lets hope the area sees great benefits, and new management and ownership brings us a winning team. The rest is up to the brains and experience that appears to be on the team.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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