Barry’s Blog Thursday 5-30-31

Volunteers have been highlighted this month, a well deserved recognition. I was told once by a Mason member: “All good things are done by Volunteers”! I have kept that thought in my mind for many years as I observed the fact he reported.

I interviewed Placer County Museum Administrator Melanie Burton yesterday who is retiring tomorrow after an 11 year career on the job, and as we walked through her life, it became clear that her main focal point has been volunteering time and talent to things that she has passion for, and truly shaped her career.

Many of us have shaped our careers by volunteering in the field we want to be a part of. There is also the time and talent we donate to our communities, churches, and organizations that are charted to commitments we feel passionate about. Melanie and I both are members of the ROTARY organization which is considered the first organized “Service” club in the USA. It also is the largest with a World Wide membership if 1.2 million members. She has been a member for 11 years, and I have served 49 years. ROTARY is dedicated to Education, Health and better living conditions, and serving each community’s needs, whatever they are.

There are many “service” organizations that serve: Lions, Masons, League of Women Voters, Soroptimist, Moose, ELKS, Odd Fellows, and Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few. Each organization has specific areas of focus but all have one thing in common, members are volunteers.

Also many residents give of their time and talent to serve as Police, Fire, Local Government, Medical, homeless and the Elderly.

And certainly we must mention our churches.

I believe my friend was right: “All good things are done by Volunteers”!

Have a great day and be kind to your self today!

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