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Monday 5-13-13

It was a pleasure to read all the Social Networks last night reading all the messages about Mother’s Day and how it was celebrated. Most Mom’s were taken to a nice dinner out at restaurants, BBQ’s, Country Clubs, Boats on the river, etc. One Mom, our own Mary West went hiking to photograph the Beautiful hills of Northern California with her sons and attending a picnic-BBQ. I had the great thrill of running into some old friends from Fair Oaks at the North Ridge Country Club. Warren McWilliams and his lovely wife Janet were there with this son and his family. Warren was the Fair Oaks Postmaster and a great ROTARIAN. Another surprise when Roger Niello, who joins me every Friday on KAHI Radio as we discuss the “State of the State”, appeared at the CC with his great family. It was a very nice day, and feeling the love for the Mom’s.

The NEWS week looks interesting with the uncovering of the IRS investigating groups that are critical of the Government; Arrest of a 13 year old boy for the murder of his younger sister; KINGS decision by the NBA; Counter moves by the Maloof Family in the Sale of the KINGS Franchise; and the politicians attacking the Immigration issue in DC. The immigration issue is politics at its best. Both parties are anxious to get 13 million new voters in the system, and the debate on whether that can be accomplished will be intense.

As for me, I am taking some time off later in the week as I participate with my ROTARY club the annual conference for our District. This is when some 45 Rotary Clubs in the area send representatives to the Convention in Reno for three days of learning, greeting, socializing, and celebration of the past year’s accomplishments. Our District covers clubs in Placer, Nevada, El Dorado, Yuba counties in California and several counties in Nevada. It is always a great time to rekindle old friendships as well as meet new people and join together people that dedicate their time and money to helping others.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!

FRIDAY 5-10-13

Looking to taking a weekend off, or am I?

Tonight, the Auburn yearly recognition dinner will honor all the “Best of the Best” in Auburn. This is always a nice time and deserved recognition to our great people. Tomorrow, the Auburn ROTARY has a fun night of Casino Royal which is one of our fund raisers which contributes to the many great things ROTARY does in Auburn. Sunday is Mothers day and I will assist at a Country Club in Sacramento. So I guess I will just enjoy a couple days off. Yea! Right!

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself.


The NEWS this week has been Bizarre. The hearings going on in congress over the Benghazi event going from discovery of negligence by high officials in Government to high drama as members of both sides of the aisle use the opportunity to get on national TV which is like catnip to them. The other major event coverage this week runs from the discovery of three young women who were kidnapped in Cleveland Ohio ten years ago, and escaped their captures who are now being arraigned and being held in jail, to the verdict of guilty for Jodi Arias for killing her boyfriend. The real interest is not just the events but what press organizations are covering what. As expected, the hearings on Benghazi which might embarrass the administration is getting the least while the human drama’s are front page, TV lead stories. The one story that has me most fascinated was the report that shows Americans have the most trust in Actors. Tom Cruise was listed as the top most trusted person. Denzel Washington and Merril Street were in the top 5. What it says that someone that performs by acting out someone else’s words and actions are the most trusted people. Want to bet Tom Cruise becomes a political spokesperson soon?

Our Spring Waters will be attractive this weekend as we hit the mid 80’s and families will be drawn to our lakes and streams. The warm air wiill make the cold waters attractive but officials are warning, with good cause, that these spring waters are cold and sometime swift current. We unfortunately report several drownings each year. Life preservatives are readily available, and too much alcohol never allows for good judgement. Have a safe weekend, and don’t be part of the NEWS Monday.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!


Big O Tire in downtown Auburn announced closing yesterday. Sad to see since their presence has been a landmark in Auburn for many years. I have instructed many visitors to KAHI Radio by saying we are in the State Theater, on Lincoln Way, across the street from “BIG O”. Over the last years, Dan Louper the owner  become an early morning partner as he arrived at the store about 5:30 each morning, as I do at the radio station. It was always a “Good Morning Dan” as he and I unlocked the doors, and picked up the Auburn Journal. Sad to see you go Dan, best as you look to the future.

I attended the hearing on the North Auburn sewer rate increase at the Placer County Supervisors yesterday and witnessed a sad reality that residents and voters are often very misinformed and suffer disillusionment to major events that are going on in our Government. Several upset residents approached the podium and spoke from notes or from the heart asking Supervisors to not approve something that had been acted on several months ago. As an observer, I felt that most of the upset people believed they were protesting the decision made 18 months ago by the Supervisors to send waste water from North Auburn to Lincoln to a regional waste water treatment plant. So what does this say about our system of communication. We media NEWS people believe we have been on this story for years as the political representatives held hearings, talked with residents, spent hours and months gathering information and attempting to understand the details to make a prudent long term decision.

So have we failed in getting the story out….the facts and figures? My analysis is no, the majority of the residents that are affected did not protest, so the majority rules, and the process goes forward. We will continue to monitor and process and hope it works out to the best for everyone.

Have a great day…be kind to yourself!

TUESDAY 5-7-13

The major story today is the discovery of three young women in Cleveland Ohio. The three had been kidnapped as teenagers and held ten years against their will. There are many questions on how this can happen, next door, to USA home town America. The Casey Dugard case in California comes to mind as we remember this bizarre story of a young woman held in the back yard of what all thought was a normal neighborhood. Some of us believe someone knows, but turning in a neighbor is not easy and one could be wrong. There is always the question why the captors didn’t escape before today….but since most of us have never experienced anything like this, no way can we judge.

We are all watching the hearings on Benghazi as more information comes forth on this terrible incident that cost three Americans their lives. A US diplomat is now saying that special forces that could have saved them were told by the State Department to “Stand Down”. Ambassador Christopher Stevens who was killed has family in the area and I am sure they are watching the coverage with special interest.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

MONDAY 5-6-13

Rain…”just singing in the rain”. California is enjoying some rain today and tomorrow.East coast people don’t have a clue why we love the rain in California. Eastern states get rain about 4 times a month. Lawns are lush green, mountains are covered with the Maple, Pine, and Spruce trees, and Wild Fire is rare if at all. So let me hear it “Just singing in the rain………

Don’t forget Mothers Day this weekend. The one thought I try to pass on to all, none of us would be here if not for Mothers. They deserve our respect and love just for that reason. Thanks Mom, I miss you even after all these years. You were headstrong, made me take responsibility, encouraged me to play the piano by taking lessons with me, taught me to shoot a .22 rifle, be alert to danger, enjoy hugs, and understand it is OK to cry. I lost her early in my life to Cancer, and the final thing she gave me was to live everyday to its fullest because time is precious. She also taught me to respect others and your personal talents, and try and learn something new every day. She has been gone 53 years but she put an indelible kiss on my heart. Miss you mom!.


The Sacramento BEE newspaper has sparked a major investigation into a practice called “Dumping”. This is not a new practice, but finally exposed to the world. What is Dumping? It is when a hospital releases a mentally ill patient, buys them a one way ticket on a Greyhound Bus with instructions that when they get to the end of the line, call 911 and expect the local authorities to get them into a local shelter, mental care facility, food and care. California has been the target for this practice for many years, and organizations like the Salvation Army, Gathering Inn, Loaves and Fishes and others have risen with contributions from local generous business and people. The County Government services also take a hit as this population arrives unannounced from another state. The BEE broke this story a few weeks ago when they reported that a Mental Hospital in Las Vegas has been “Dumping” mental patients on several states for some time. California was hit the highest showing 500 tickets bought on Greyhound buses since 2008. Los Angeles was the winner with 213 while San Diego was 2nd at 69 and San Francisco at 36. Sacramento is also on the list and how this exposure all started. The Las Vegas hospital sent a mentally ill man to Sacramento on the bus with instructions to dial 911 when he arrived, which he did, etc.

Now here is the dirty little secret…..this “Dumping” practice has been going on for years. I have been investigating this for several months, and my sources tell me that “Dumping” goes on all the time. Sources that are sometime beneficiaries of these practices tell me that it is a real problem and truly hurts the mentally ill by making them face abandonment and confusion at best, and certainly puts them on street of strange cities who then are forced to deal with them. What I am trying to understand is the point? Is it a money thing? Usually is!

What I fear is that I will find out that there are some very bad people in the system that are trying to get rid of unfortunate other people that cannot help them selves. Rather than help as they should, they “Dump”. Shame on them! Shame on those who have authority and power to fix the problem and don’t. Are they Dumping too by ignoring the problem?

Have a great day and weekend! Be kind to yourself today!


With several reports yesterday and this morning of wild fires throughout the state, we begin another summer season which in California is also “Wildfire” season. Long before there were people in California Mother Nature used wildfire as a way to get rid of dead wood and brush clearing the land so new growth could come forth. This cycle went on for thousands of years as a part of the normal ecology. As man came along, built homes and cities, highways and by-ways, fire became a destroyer rather than a cleansing cycle. Today, California has several hundred, if not thousands of fires that are started naturally by lightening. I have seen maps that can show several thousand lightening strikes in a 5 minute period in the foothills, many that start a fire. Unfortunately this season also brings out the fearful “Firebug”. These people obviously have some type of mental disorder that drives them to start fires, or are criminal in nature and are paid or desire to destroy property of others.

The people that train and fight these wildfires are the true hero’s of our population. Men and Women, not over paid, and only work a few months a year, risk their lives every time they suit up with many pounds of gear, train vigorously, and never know what they will face as they fly, drive, ride or march into the extreme heat and danger of an out of control wildfire. Think if you or I were required to carry a fire resistant tent with us every day we went to work. Think is every time you answered a call you kiss your family not knowing if you will return. This is hero I am talking about.

The next time you hear a tanker pass over, or smell that early morning smoke that is generated this time of year, think of the special people that are out there trying to protect you and me.

God bless each and every one of you and stay safe.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

Wednesday May 1st, 2013

Northern California, Sacramento and Placerville in particular, are making National NEWS this week because of violence and children. The Sacramento case involves Child Services and Police charging into a home and removing a baby boy after parents had removed the baby from one Hospital and took him to another because of a disagreement with a Doctor and Nurse insisting on a treatment for the baby who suffers from a heart disease. Local talk radio is airing everything from accusing the Dr, Nurse, CPS and Police of terrorist tactics to accusing parents of bad judgement. Debate is good and maybe all the publicity will bring everyone to a higher level of understanding. The other stories about children unfortunately is of a tragic stabbing of an 8 year old girl with the killer still on the run, and a man entering a woman’s apartment in Placerville and attempting to kidnap her 18 month old. She protected the child and fought off the man saving her child. God Bless her strength.

Enjoying the wonderful foothills weather….mid 80’s all week with low humidity and light wind. What a wonderful way to start spring in Northern California.

Have a great day. Be kind to yourself today!