Don and Cherry Yamasaki will end a 16 year stint as Saturday Morning Radio Hosts on KAHI radio this coming Saturday. Don worked on his fathers Ranch then the Yamasaki Nursery on Highway 49, which served this area for many years. You can’t drive on any Auburn street where the skills, trees and flowers from the Yamasaki Nursery can’t be seen and enjoyed. We have all walked the isles and smelled the wonderful aroma of native and special plants that were sold to an eager customer base. Don did the first show on his own, but talked Cherry into being co-host, the same role she has played in Don’s life as his wife and partner. They have been a charming and informative couple for lots of years, and we will miss them on Saturday mornings here at KAHI Radio.

Local radio stations started to serve local communities when KDKA radio went on public airwaves in 1920 in Pittsburgh PA. First there was music with local bands and singers, then on to entertainment and eventually NEWS, Weather and features like Don and Sherry provided. Network radio came along and took a lot of time away from local features, and radio sort of dropped away except for people in their cars who wanted local information. Some radio stations like KAHI, stayed tuned to the local market and people like Don and Cherry found a home for many years. We can say the same for Jim Victorine with his fishing report, and Howard Flemming with his Wall Street report. Saturday’s with Captain Saturday, SwapShop, Farm Show, and many many others.

I fell in love with Local Radio while still in High School back in Pennsylvania. I built my own station in my bedroom, and broadcast by wire to local friends homes. Their parents were a little unhappy with my station because we did not have an OFF button. When I was broadcasting, you heard me. One parent told me that if I played Harry James Orchestra one more time he was going to cut the wires. We added OFF buttons.

I was selected in my Junior Year to do the local High School NEWS on Friday afternoons, then got hired to be the Weekend Board Operator and Announcer. My first love, so to speak. Over many years, and several career moves, I returned to Local Radio when I joined the staff here at KAHI, AM 950 about 10 years ago. KAHI has been on the air since 1957. Having the opportunity to talk with local and visiting people daily as I report NEWS, talk about the weather and current events is a happy thing. Thanks for listening and making people like Don and Cherry important information sharers and our own local celebrities. Best to you both, and may God Bless!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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