I am beginning to feel that most American’s are starting to “Get mad as Hell” and “not going to take it anymore”. The hearings this week in DC probing into actions by the FBI, Attorney General’s office and the IRS have been revealing as to how far these agencies have gone into spying on people and business in this country. Now this morning we find out that the administration has forced Verizon to turn over our personal phone records “as a security need” to fight terrorism. What about AT&T, SPRINT, SWBELL etc.

I read recently that we have our pictures taken at least 100 times every day. ATM machines to traffic monitoring to PC’s in our homes, all have become watching and listening tools that can deliver information to the Government for them to use any way they please.

What is next, an imbedded programmed chip that can be monitored by satellite and trace every move we make? Well we do it for our pets….think this is a beta site for human implants. Google Glasses that can take pictures and transmit them directly to the internet for world wide distribution. Gads…..we are all going to be spys!

Pogo was right, we have seen the enemy and it is US!

Have a nice day, be kind to yourself!

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