Last weekend’s heat wave brought many of us to realize that extreme weather in either direction must be met with common sense and caution. We all feel we can stand anything for a few hours but that can be very dangerous. Judgement is tested when we are inconvenienced by the weather, and many have suffered stroke or worse, possible loss of life, most of which might be prevented.

Such conditions were present this weekend when temperatures rose into the 116 degree range, and the sun was very direct and hot. Early on Saturday, the many high schools in our area were holding their Graduation exercises. Del Oro High School in Loomis was faced with a near-crisis when Fire and Ambulance services were overwhelmed with several calls for over-come people who were in attendance.

Officials who are charged with public safety which includes the Fire Chief and School executives, made the decision to stop the ceremonies, and send everyone to their cars and to the relief of air conditioning and shield from the burning sun. There were some “boos” from the audience but all in all they left the outdoor stadium and went to their vehicles as requested. Seniors with names that started with A through D were the only students that walked across the stage and received their diplomas.

What happened next is an example of a community that pulls together in time of stress, and just make it happen. The Bay Side Church in Roseville came to the rescue and on Sunday the remaining grads received their diplomas inside the large church air conditioned auditorium. Great solution, and a fine demonstration of community cooperation. Congratulations to great folks that made this happen.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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