The theme today from Washington is “The administration can’t keep politics out of Government”.

I have been thinking about that statement, and trying to analyze and understand what that means. Government is Politics….at least that is what I was thinking. Now I am thinking maybe they (not sure yet who they are) are saying that the administration should have the stature of being able to represent all the people, regardless their affiliation to a political party. The administration should focus on running the Government, administrating policy, presenting to other nations our strength’s and leadership as the largest and most successful government in the history of the world, so far. Therefore, the political wrangling should be left to the congress since they are directly elected by the people and are to represent the will of the people.

Our founders and our constitution set up the three branches of Government with equal powers for a reason. History shows that when one branch becomes too strong, society can fail, and the result is a disaster. The society that properly represents the people, parties and politics, argue and compromise to get the best balance based on the PEOPLE and their needs and desires….does make sense.

The other way when a few Political Party officials create an agenda they want and then set out using “dirty tricks” to accomplish that agenda, we start to lean in the wrong direction. The “whistle blower” that has supposedly exposed the administration using personal data from the major computer companies like Microsoft, Google, Verizon, credit card companies, and tracking our every second action and movement is scary particularly if it is being used politically to “identify and harm” non enemy residents.

Officials in Government that have been lying must be made accountable for their actions. Lets hope full investigation will bring forth the truth and we as normal constitutional believers are not being watched to bring harm to those that do not agree with political agendas.

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