I have worn glasses for distant seeing since I was in High School. I have always hated them because they get heavy, always need cleaned, get lost, sat on a couple of times, etc. You know what I am talking about. I tried contact lenses, first a long time ago with the “Hard Lens”. Remember those? Oh what a nightmare. They would dry out, and needed a little suction cup on a stick to pop them out……scary and painful. Then I tried the soft lens, and they were OK. Took a lot of maintenance and could irritate the eye sometimes…but were a good step forward.

Then I just gave up. Way to much trouble.

Years have gone by, and with my last check up three weeks ago, Dr. said, “maybe you should try contacts again”. “We have come a long way”! This was in response to my complaining about glasses, summer coming and not wanting to wear them etc. We talked about laser surgery, but then I would need to wear glasses to work at computer which I spend a lot of time, and read. This didn’t make sense to me, particularly since this is a permanent adjustment to your eyes.

So here I go again. So far I have been fitted with two lens that are the same, need glasses to read. One lens only so I can use one eye focus locally and one for distance, and the brain is supposed to fix the foggy look. So far fog was still there. Brain not cooperating. Then, wow, Bi-focal lens. I was very suspect but darn, they work, so far anyway. Dr. was right…they have come a long way.

Now all I need to do is overcome the technique of putting them in and out. So far I have had two major challenges. First was when I tried to put them in, inside my car with the air conditioner running. I had one of those “Freeze in time” moments as I watched in slow motion as one lens left my fingertip and sailed through the air condition bast tumbling over and over as it plunged down between the drivers seat and the center island. Of course my hand did not fit there, and I stared at the little plastic disk just laying on the metal structure of the seat. I decided that if I moved the seat back I maybe could reach it. Chewed it into little pieces… was like watching a horror movie. After a lot of laughter, Dr. gave me a replacement (still in fitting process) after having a fit of laughter at my expense.

After two days of success, I was gaining confidence until last night. As I was removing the lens getting ready to end the day, one popped out and dropped like a rock to the floor and through the air conditioning duct. In ghastly disbelief I grabbed my cell phone, turned on the flash light feature and there it was, perched on the side of the duct…..ran for a screw driver and removed the duct cover, cautiously plucked the lens to safety, and into the little case with disinfect juice, quickly placed the cap on and exhausted fell into bed trying not to think about it any more for the day. As I sit here drinking my coffee with my glasses on, I am thinking about how I will survive the day.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!

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