BARRY’S BLOG 6-13-13

How does one justify lying before the country and world, on National Television, about the Government poking into every resident’s personal data and movement. Wouldn’t the person doing the lying, and lets face it, he is certainly aware he is lying, know the press and investigations into the truth would make him the “fool” of the week if not the month.

I have witnessed many years of politicians and others who duck questions, usually by ignoring it and talking about something they have as an agenda. Not sure this qualifies as a lie, just a duck!

Others have gone on television and spin a story that is totally untrue. We often question the motive, and usually it is to get attention, and get that famous “5 minutes of fame”.

People do what they do….for whatever the reason. Again, I believe the basic constitution and our legal system does a fair job of getting to the truth when it matters. The real question is why the Government feels they need to know I had a jelly donut and a black coffee with nutmeg this morning. Oh, I paid with cash, maybe they don’t know!

Have a great day, be kind to your self!

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