The City of Auburn, Chamber of Commerce and the Placer Arts held their annual “Art Walk” last night. This is an opportunity for residents to come out and walk the town, visit all the merchants that participate by giving local artists display space for their work.

As I walked the walk, and visited the artists, I enjoyed all types of work that local artists display. I also enjoy meeting and talking with all other walkers along the way. The real fun is meeting and talking with the artists themselves.

I marvel at the variety of art work you experience. Art has so many varieties from jewelry to clothing, oil and acrylics on canvas, stones and ceramics, steel and iron to paper and special materials. It is endless fascination at the creativity of our local artists.

Living in a small town with the character of Auburn is a blessing. Thanks for the wonderful and enjoyable evening. All artists will have their work displayed for two months for everyone to enjoy. Turns the entire town into a gallery. How cool!

Have a great day and weekend. Be kind to your self!

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