The meeting yesterday between Russian President Putin and our President Obama is being touted as “Icy”. The topic is Syria and our support to the rebels and Russia saying they plan to support the current leadership. It brings to mind that we are headed into another war front in an already lousy situation in that part of the world. It brought me to thinking about the lifetime of watching our two countries in disagreement over supporting one side or the other of a conflict at ground level in another country.

When civil wars in small countries cause the two super powers to face off and start sending weapons into the theatre supporting opposite sides, the world gets nervous with good reason. When our country is at war, the drain on our financial status and our human resources are placed into harms way, one must question why? Is it ideology? Is it economic? Frankly few of us really know what is really behind it all.

Russia and the USA were allies in WW 1 and WW 2. We were supporting opposites in KOREA. China and Russia supported the North and the US and Allies supported the South, an agreement that started when the Allies split the previous KOREA that was ruled by Japan since 1910. The South Korea government was formed democratic and the North went Communist.

Things have been touchy since. In the meantime, weapons are sold and money is spent as these conflicts spark up on a regular basis.

The debate is also interesting. Those that say we need to be strongest to keep the world working toward peace while others preach we need to continue to get weaker to set the example. The truth here is in History. Lets hope both super powers are reading it.

Have a great day! Be kind to yourself today!

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