I started taking music lessons at 5 years old. My Grandparents and Parents were all musicians, and I was surrounded by sax, guitar, drums, piano, organ, trumpet, trombone and bones players. Bone’s you say…yes bones. These were two ivory pieces about 10 inches long and an inch wide that you held in your fingers and snapping your wrists made a clacking noise that added to the rhythm sounds of a group.

My grandmother was a piano teacher, and her gift to all grandkids was free piano lessons. I loved it, except for the hour each day in summer that I had to practice. As I moved on to high school, I joined everything, and since I could read music from early youth, I got to sing and play a lot in Marching Band (Free entrance to all sporting events) Dance Band (free admission to dances) Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra and then on to my own band which was a hoot. Hardest time I have was keeping the other musicians on the band stand…they all wanted to dance with their girl friends. This pushed me to be able to play all instruments at least on some songs so they could dance.

On to Radio and playing for lounges and dances on weekends. Was a wonderful fun thing to do, and always relaxing. Listening to music is great, but playing and singing is so much more rewarding. About 15 years ago, I decided to buy a keyboard that would allow me to recreate the big band sounds, and sing those great songs from the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s and 60′s.

What brought this to mind today? I had a wonderful experience two weekends ago. I have been attending a nice church and Rev. Mary ask me to play keyboard and sing at a church social following the morning service. I started out with a quiet background sound and no one was paying much attention, talking and enjoying the pot luck. That is OK, that was my job….be background. After about 20 minutes, I switched over the a nice quiet jazz band sound, and sang one of my all time favorites “DREAM”. I had the greatest surprise….several couples got up and started to dance. I played several more tunes, and almost everyone danced to the music.

Was a wonderful feeling to entertain and make others happy while so much is going on that makes us crazy. Rev. Mary was right, there is a lot of joy when you bring some joy to others.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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