Here we go again! The federal panel has again ordered California to release another 10 thousand prisoners because of overcrowding in the state prison system. This political battle has been gong on for years. The panel started by ordering the state to build additional facilities and mental health facilities to the tune of 8 billion dollars. The state leaders, reluctant to deal with that came up with a plan to reduce the population rather than build additional facilities. Then they came up with moving a large part of the population to the county jails. County jails are not equipped to handle long term incarnation, and lacks proper medical facilities to handle the large base of mental health problems they are forced the handle.

So what is the end result? Released prisoners go back to their home towns and counties, and the local Sheriff must deal with them anyway. Guess who pays for that? Not the state, the local residents take the hit because the Sheriff’s budget is paid out of the local tax base.

Also, the Fed Panel takes no responsibility for this since they don’t select what prisoners are released. That is up to the state who then hands the problem down to the local communities and counties.

Some say, but the released prisoners may not commit a crime and therefore not on the local system. True, however a high percentage do commit a crime since this is the way they may survive. The alternative is taking welfare and food stamps, which you pay for through taxes too. The other alternative is they turn homeless, and try and survive off the good will of the local citizens who support the charities and churches that provide free services to the homeless. There has been a major uptick here.

There is some county and state services for mental and general medical help. Oh by the way you pay for that too.

It would appear that this is another major pass the buck process with the final buck stopping at the local street corner.

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself!

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