BARRY’S BLOG 6-27-13

Boy, it’s HOT! OK, so how hot is it?

Each year we approach summer in the Sacramento area, and when it gets over 100 degrees, we start talking about the weather, and history of hot days in the area. I looked up the history of weather in the area and found out that the first weather data collected in the area started at 4:37 AM on July 1st, 1877. The observation was taken by the Army and telegraphed back to Washington, DC. The all-time high recorded was 114, July 17th, 1925. The longest consecutive days over 100 was a record of 11 days in July 2006. Temperatures exceeding 105 or higher is reported by the US Weather Bureau as 7 in August, 1990.

Our history of heat waves with consecutive days of over 100 degrees broken by a day or two below the century mark has been numerous. Periods of time where 100 degree temps exceeded 10 to 12 days occurred in 1980 and a period of 14 out of 16 days above 100 degrees occurred in 1929.

So the next 7 day period appears to fall into 4 at or over 100 degrees. Saturday 100, Sunday 102,  Monday 105 and Tuesday 105. Stay COOL!

All this data from the Sacramento US Weather Bureau office.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today.

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