The West Coast Heat Wave is making headline NEWS today. Yesterday we wrote about the heat waves that hit us with some regularity if you look over time. The other stories I am hearing and reading today have somewhat a bizarre twist. One story, a mother left her baby inside her car with a note on top….”Hi, I am baby tommy, if I appear to be in trouble please call my mommy at 123-456-1234″. Now that is creative, and rather stupid, I think.

How often we see animals, dogs usually, inside a car in a parking lot. You would think the owners would know that a car heats up several degrees more than the temperature outside, even with the windows cracked. Also I get upset when I see a mom or dad running with a child in a carriage suffering from the heat that radiates up from hot cement sidewalks.

There is a lot of good advice on handling this weather when it comes. One of my favorites is a nice cotton towel soaked in ice water, wrung out and placed over my shoulders and neck. It can move around with me as I do things, and keeps the blood stream cool throughout the body. Not expensive and easy to do. I even wear it on the way to the pool.

Stay COOL everyone. Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself today!

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