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Pain is a nasty thing. Mother Nature has programmed us to take better care of ourselves, and pain is the warning system she uses when we stress too much, or stay out in the sun too long.

I have been lucky most of my life, and suffered little pain. As we age, however, pain becomes more a part of our life as we stress a little more with bones and body parts that are worn and tired.

Yesterday I woke and neck and shoulders were not happy, and as I started the morning NEWS, the warning systems were saying, don’t move too fast today. As the morning progressed, the pain intensified to the level that I was sitting so straight you would think I was wrapped in Duct Tape.

I left the Radio Station and paid a visit to my friendly (He really is) Chiropractor who proceeded to realign my spine, neck and shoulders. It was a noisy session but the relief that came in a few minutes was wonderful.

I have been a fan of Chiropractic medicine since a young boy back in Pennsylvania. I had two Uncles and one Aunt who practiced as Doctors of Chiropractor. They worked on several areas of preventive care medicine and were pioneers in the practice. I admired them and became a believer that keeping a sound aligned body just makes good sense. Getting a good flow of blood to all parts of the body just seems to be a good thing.

Thanks Doc……I feel really good today.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself.

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With the temperatures hitting the triple digits this weekend, we all felt that Summer has arrived. Unfortunately CAL-FIRE has predicted a heavy fire season because of the dry spring, and forecast for high temps for the Summer. So far fire officials are already reporting a 90% increase in activity over an average year at the same time. Not a good sign.

California with Earth Quakes and Wild Fires are considered the same as the Mid West with their floods and Tornadoes. The East Coast has Hurricanes and North Easter Snow and Ice storms. My point is, no matter where you live, you can subjected to Natural Disasters that can destroy property and kill people.

In thinking through this today, I sort of came to the realization that Wild Fires are the only natural disaster that we fight with an army of people and equipment. All others hit with such force that even with an army, we would make little or no difference to the end result. We do have Flood Control Dams and Breakers on Beaches to try and manage these forces somewhat, but the actual events are totally unpredictable. With Wild Fires we do manage them somewhat with knowledge and predictions of wind, temperatures and weather. We also use fire itself to contain the travel of the fire.

I like to learn something new everyday. I guess I satisfied that rule early.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!