As a younger person I seldom took vacations, believing that I didn’t need them, and being away from the job was of concern. Remember the old saying that the executive on his death bed never said: “I wish I had spent more time at the office!”

Well, I have been taking time off, and totally remove myself from the daily routines of work and play. I stay away from email and Facebook, and do things that I really enjoy that I don’t get to do on a regular week. What a refresher that is. I come back to the microphone ready to go, and feeling great.

Time management has always been a passion of mine. I taught it for some time and at several levels of management. Most working people would like to get more done in less time and with minimal effort. Most never get there due to interruptions, change that is not under ones control, and the human brain that desires to flit from one subject to another at will. We also procrastinate at doing things we really don’t like to do.

So what is the answer. It is obvious. Only do what you like to do, enjoy every moment, and hopefully get paid to do it so you can hire someone else who likes to do all the things you don’t like to do.

Good luck!

Back at the mic having fun! Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!

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