The State Fair opens today. What fun!

County and State Fairs have a long history. It is a central point that yearly allows the local and state producers and entertainers to show their “stuff”. The ticket prices have been low on purpose to attract large crowds that then spend their money on food, things and entertainment once inside the gate.

Staging these fairs is not a small thing. It takes lots of volunteers and several paid professionals that work all year long on the few days that happen each year. The operational needs of a fair are many such as traffic, sanitation, feeding and transporting animals, staging and transporting thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables. Then there is crowd control and safety which is always a major endeavor. Even with all this work, it always looks easy because of all the planning and coordination.

The weather today and for the weekend looks very favorable. I remember back in the mid 80’s when I first arrived in California, the first day of the fair was 104′ and boy with the sun high and heat unbearable…..I was not a happy fair goer that year. The smells were …..Oh Boy!

Well….this year is different, and I am really looking forward to attending and doing duty at the Placer County Booth….a winner every year. Hope to see you there!

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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