Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner announced yesterday that he is running for another term. I have lived in this county for almost 20 years, and have watched the management of our county and have the highest regard for Ed and his chosen team.

Little known fact is that the Sheriff is the “Top Cop” in the county and is the only police official that is directly elected by the people. Our constitution was set up to make the County Sheriff the protector of the people from its own Government. This was somewhat tested this year when most Sheriff’s wrote President Oboma stating they would not support certain aspects of the proposed Gun Control law that was being discussed. This was a powerful move and had affect on Washington.

I know there is a lot of talk particularly at our State and National Capitol level about having more and more control over laws and powers that affect us daily. It is the very concern that our forefathers had when the created the United States, it’s constitution and Bill of Rights. They had great foresight into the human nature of politicians and their drive to over control the daily lives of the people who are the only source of government income.

Thanks Ben, John, and George, et. etc. etc.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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