Well the heat’s back! We are forecasting over 100′ for the weekend. Earlier in the week the forecasters were predicting only one day, but have updated the reports to say we can expect two over 100′ and two near 100′ days.

Long periods of extreme heat does make one a little testy. We are very fortunate in many ways since we don’t get too many days in the 100’s here in Northern California. Also we have so many ways to escape the heat. Air-conditioning is everywhere. I enjoy the mall’s, major stores, the movies, my car and home. We also have the natural drop in temperature as we elevate up I 80 toward the Sierra. Temps usually drop 3′ per thousand feet as we climb. This translates to about 21′ lower temp at 7,000 feet which is the Summit. Tahoe is at 6,224 feet which is about 18′ cooler than Sacramento Valley.

Have a great weekend and try and stay cool. Remember to drink lots of water.

Be kind to yourself today!

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