BARRY’S BLOG Monday 7-22-13

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The NEWS today is centered on the destruction of a major US City, Detroit, and the birth of a royal baby in London. As to Detroit, which should be of most concern to us all, is tragic but predictable. Detroit was the center of a major industrial revolution that set the pace for efficiency and wealth growth that has never been paralleled. This was the city that put America and the World on wheels. Henry Ford, a major leader in production genius created the assembly line, and then went on to control and feed the production line concept with owning Iron Ore mines, shipping and railway systems and providing a better than average wage to workers who built the greatest movement on earth. So what happened?

It started with the counter pressures of success jealousy! So Barry, what the heck is that?

Well, when someone creates a better idea, and it starts making major financial impacts, there is always a group that will attempt to steal the ideas, destroy the success and then there is a political process that starts wanting their share, and using regulation and control to get that piece. Then there is the Labor Force who was ahead of most wanting more, thus formed the UAW-AFLCIO Union movement which drove for the same thing….more money and benefits for their members.

Of course as people wanted vehicles, there was a lot of competition, remember Chevy, Plymouth, Desoto, Studerbaker,and Delorian? Then imports. Remember the Beatle VW….BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, etc.

So what happened to Detroit? As the boom excelled, the greed at all levels failed to look at when the Golden Goose would age out, and no longer produce enough golden eggs to supply the demands that had built up over decades. So why didn’t the geniuses apply to other areas that great successes that built the auto industry? Why didn’t Detroit political leaders make Hi-Tech attractive? Why did the computer industry go elsewhere when Auto’s were going to be such a major market? How about Airplanes and Trains?

So who is at fault for this mess now? Everyone really. Read Ken Blanchford’s “One Minute Manager ” series which makes managing the future fairly clear. His one book centers on sand castles. The object of the book is that when you build a successful sand castle, you must also plan on it being washed away by winds and raising tides. Smart managers start planning and building a better sand castle higher on the rocks to continue the business as climate changes, which it always does. These books have been around for a long time. Guess the Political leaders in MI and Detroit, Labor leaders of the major unions, Associations that support these massive organizations well as all the support services, forgot how to read!

Have a great day!

Be kind to yourself today!

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