Is the Anthony Wiener drama in New York City a hoot, or what? Here is a guy that was in the Senate, a life long politician, and exposing himself on social media and getting caught…..but is still standing tall in front of the world press and saying: “I screwed up, but have a great plan for NYC”.

The conference yesterday was bizarre. He admitted he did a “bad” several times, and even after he was exposed the first time, he continued to do it over and over again. All this going on while he married and had a child with a lady who worked for Hillary Clinton in the State Department.

Wiener’s presentation before the world yesterday was classic. “Yes, I did wrong, but forgive me because I have great plans and you need to support me.” Looking back over history, many a powerful person has been disgraced and driven from grace. The modern approach is to apologize, stay focused and move forward like it is no big deal. The real analysis should be to look at the mental stability of these people and question whether they are to be trusted with the billions of dollars and thousands of lives that are counting on a stable mind and conscience that can hold a city together in time of crisis. Rudy Giuliani on 911 comes to mind.

The other fun is the creative reporters and editors that are writing about this scandal. Their play on words that border the risqué are hilarious. I guess as long as we all have a sense of humor, then the voters will decide, and hopefully use good judgement.

I would guess if Wiener had gone into Central Park and exposed himself while naked under a raincoat, he would be doing the press conference from Rikers Island, the main jail for NYC.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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