BARRY’S BLOG 7-25-13

The House of Representatives yesterday defeated an amendment to a bill that would have stopped the Feds from monitoring your and my phone conversations and positions. This defeat has angered most people that know what it means to our constitutional protected privacy. The sad NEWS is that most Americans believe the Feds are already listening and watching through cameras and electronics anyway…so what the big deal. The Feds sell this as a way to catch terrorists but there is a real concern that the attitude of the administration and the heads of the political parities who are at war with each other to get control of voters will store this information and use it to manipulate election results or worse.

We have our picture taken about 100 times every day somewhere between the ATM, street intersections, department stores, malls, and other places including being followed by the Walmart truck….however this data is not transmitted to a major computer base in Nevada or somewhere else and analyzed by the minute. The Fed program does.

So what is the answer? The politician’s say, take action as a voter and demand that the “by the people for the people” section of our constitution be respected, and if not vote the bums out. Rhetoric at best. We all know that when the Feds spend billions on dollars on computer farms to collect this data, hiring hundreds of expensive computer operators, programmers, analysis personnel and management which will pump major dollars into the economy, it will never go away. If anything it will grow and grow just like all other major programs that are put in place by the Feds as part of the administration.

Others say: “so shut off your phone or at least turn off the GPS.” Yea right! Lets face it, we are going to be tracked by marketers, snoopers, the Feds and others and have been for some time. There is no real escape and that’s the truth. You can shut off the device you control sometimes, and so we do have a little control over our privacy, but not much.

My guess is we all will settle down and accept the inevitable which is what has been done over all the years I have been writing about this stuff. The young generation will take it in stride (ask them if the know what an 8-track is) and life will go on. My way of handling all this is to write about it, try and understand it, and take advantage of the new things that make my life better and fun. If the Feds get upset about my having Fun, I will just shut off the i5 phone and show them.

Opps…need to go. My car just started itself and wants to take me to breakfast.

Have a fun day and be kind to yourself!

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