BARRY’S BLOG 7-30-13

Getting fitted with Contact Lens can be quite a process. I started a year ago, and quit after a frustrating disappointment at not getting to a clear and balanced sight. This spring, I met with my eye doctor, and discussed it again. My Doc is a highly respected surgeon who also invented a special lens for cataract surgery that is flexible and allows patients to focus just like their own lens. It truly is a remarkable implant and restores near perfect eyesight to cataract sufferers. His name is Stephen Wilmarth practicing in Roseville.

As we talked about Barry’s problem with contacts, Dr. said: “well we didn’t try hard enough, so I am assigning my best, Jill.” Jill is a nice English lady who started with the usual exam and then started a process of trial and error that concluded yesterday. First we tried the “one lens” approach. She put a lens in the predominate eye, and the brain is supposed to select the focus that is best, and bingo, you see close up with one eye and far distance with the other, and the brain makes is all clear. Well my brain is stubborn and refused to cooperate.

Next was to put contacts in the eyes that were also different, but better that one in and one out. Still takes a brain to cooperate to make it clear. Brain rejects. Darn!

Jill now says; “lets try bi-focal lens.” Never heard of that. Wow how far we have come. So in they go. Wow, the right one really works, the left one is non cooperative. Jill says, not to worry, brain will compensate. Yea, right! Reject.

Well, Jill has the patience of Job….she gives me another, then another, and finally yesterday….Bingo! She hit it. I am so impressed at being able to look at a book or paper and read it, look up at the Sierra and see the trees clearly. What a marvel.

Thanks Doc…and Jill, Chocolates on the way!

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!

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