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The NEWS coverage of the Zimmerman case and trial has been incredible. Watching the process over the past few months has again made me realize that the Press I grew up with has changed forever. There are still a few good and honest reporters and editorialists working but they all have grey hair and will retire soon, maybe retiring free thinking and truthful reporting.

What appears to have happened is the press had become politicalized. Younger reporters slant stories to support ideology they believe in or the paper ownership attitudes. We used to do that on the editorial pages. Remember when papers were called the XX Republican, or the XX Democrat.

In the late 1900’s, I saw this start to change as editorial policy started to creep onto the front pages. In the last few years, many media ignore any story they don’t feel fits their agenda.

Broadcast has taken the same route as Network NEWS moved the same direction. They truly try to shape the thinking of the average citizen. Our political community has also learned to influence the press again to further agenda’s.

The answer is to listen, read and watch all media in an attempt to formulate your own opinion. Freedom of speech, press and thought can work if we individually take the time to get enough information to formulate common sense opinions, and react accordingly.

Back to the Zimmerman case….some of the press want him convicted at any cost. Others have tried to cover all detail every day. Others have ignored it. Others are trying to fuel a race charged reaction if he is not punished to their satisfaction. This morning FOX NEWS reported that a PR arm of the Department Of Justice is in Florida helping organize demonstrations in the streets if Zimmerman is acquitted. Check to see how many media organizations report this!

The good news is our system of laws and court process with trial by jury of peers appears to still be the best in the world. Not always right, but then there is appeal. Better than trial by riot as we see in other lands.

I see stocks are up today. Need to read the Wall Street Journal now and have some good coffee! Have a great day!

Be kind to yourself today!



As a younger person I seldom took vacations, believing that I didn’t need them, and being away from the job was of concern. Remember the old saying that the executive on his death bed never said: “I wish I had spent more time at the office!”

Well, I have been taking time off, and totally remove myself from the daily routines of work and play. I stay away from email and Facebook, and do things that I really enjoy that I don’t get to do on a regular week. What a refresher that is. I come back to the microphone ready to go, and feeling great.

Time management has always been a passion of mine. I taught it for some time and at several levels of management. Most working people would like to get more done in less time and with minimal effort. Most never get there due to interruptions, change that is not under ones control, and the human brain that desires to flit from one subject to another at will. We also procrastinate at doing things we really don’t like to do.

So what is the answer. It is obvious. Only do what you like to do, enjoy every moment, and hopefully get paid to do it so you can hire someone else who likes to do all the things you don’t like to do.

Good luck!

Back at the mic having fun! Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!



I have been thinking!

We are fighting wars thousands of miles away in foreign lands with sophisticated manless airplanes. We have manned aircraft that can drop missiles from several thousand feet in the air to a building on the ground with accuracy of being inches on target. We are testing autos that drive themselves.

So why couldn’t our Fire Fighting management find a technological approach to fight these wildfires. 19 firefighters would still be with us if they had.

Just thinking!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!



Sad news from Arizona reporting 19 wild fire fighters losing their lives while fighting what is now the largest wildfire in the state’s history. Working in the media, we report on disasters like this all the time, and some think we are hardened people because of it. Not true! The loss of life always saddens me just like everyone else. I am especially moved when the loss is of people that train and dedicate their lives to saving others. Police, Fire, and Military deserve special recognition from all of us.

This disaster is not predictable other than it is a condition that happens. The shift of a fire storm and the winds that cause it is well known and fire crews are trained for it with special gear that is designed to protect them. This one however was very severe and fast, and the crews equipment could’t protect them. The crew was known as “Hot Shots” and were trained to get ahead of these fires attempting to stop them. They each carry about 80 pounds of equipment and safety gear because of the danger they face. All of these people were from one town, and are transported throughout the state and sometimes the entire North West to fight these fires.

Speaking of the media, we heard this morning that several of the fire fighter families learned of their partners death from the media coverage of the fire. This is a result of having 24 hour NEWS coverage, “Smart Phones”, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I pictured the horrific shock to these families as they faced this tragedy alone in their homes or in a public place, but very alone.

I was thinking about the Battle of Gettysburg which was 150 years ago and the NEWS coverage for that battle took hours to reach the President who was a few miles away in DC, and weeks to reach other states and across the country. Today, the world knows in seconds.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!