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The situation in Syria certainly appears to be very dangerous, and I personally am vey concerned at the situation the USA appears to be in. It appears that President Obama has worked himself into a corner and his reputation is at stake. What most of us are questioning is why are we involved in this government at all?

Syria has been in a civil war since 2011. Its Government headed by the al-Hassad family has been in control since 1970. The majority of the people are reported to be in support of a rebel group that has been trying for sometime to topple the Government of Bashar al-Hassad. The USA is also in support of the rebel group who formed an alternative Government March of 2012 and was embraced by the Arab League, the USA, France and Britain.

The current crisis is based on the belief the al-Hassad government has used poisonous gas on its own people which is a violation of international and moral law. The unanswered question is who really used the gas, and is this event a set up to draw the USA and the European allies into a new war in the Arab Theatre. Britain has withdrawn its support of going to war and it appears that President Obama is hanging out on his own on a war action.

The debate on Obama’s authority to go to war is raging in this country. Hopefully the debate will bring common sense to what certainly appears to be a non-win, non-defined reason to start another war among other wars that are killing our armies and draining our treasury. What is the point? We deserve an answer!

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself!


I hold a weekly telephone chat with Congressman Tom McClintock each Thursday morning at 6:30. Today’s chat was very interesting covering two specific subjects but his response followed a central theme: “Environmental laws passed over the last 20 years are causing major harm to our environment!”

The first question was why we are dropping the Folsom Lake levels to an all time low by December of this year?

The Second discussion was about the Rim Fire at Yosemite which is becoming one of the largest wildfires in history. As of this morning, the fire has destroyed precious resources over an area as large as New York CIty.

Both situations are caused by the Environmental laws that were supposed to protect these resources. We are talking about lumber, homes, and water. Water is hit twice here, first by wasting it from dams that were built to hold water in wet years to supply us in dry years and the ash and smoke that drops into our lakes and rivers causing pollution to our drinking water.

So what is the answer?

Harvesting the forests by companies that sell the trees for wood products that builds homes, creates paper, and many other products. California’s legislature has passed laws that has almost stopped all harvesting of Timber in the state at great costs in lost jobs and revenues to the states and the local communities that needed the lumber business to survive. The most recent state move was a 1% assessment on all lumber and wood products that are used in California.

As to water, policies must return to the intent of having water dams in the first place which is to create storage facilities during wet periods for use by people in dry times. Sounds simple right?

We need to get back to basics and stop silly laws that only satisfy one problem in the short term and creates disaster results over the long term. Killing revenue sources and jobs then breaks the bank to deal with the bad results later on does not work. Time to make better assessments of the decisions that are made under pressure from self centered issues, and make sure that it becomes fair for all concerned.

So risking 6000 firefighters, millions of dollars for equipment and fuel to fight the fires, and mass loss of revenue, jobs, and property seems senseless. So legislature, change the policies. It is the right thing to do!

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KAHI kicked off our “Monday morning quarterback” show this morning. Pete DuFore kicks off the high school football season this week as the local schools start the exciting 2013-14 football season. The Foothills has long been a pocket of enthusiastic parents-fans and local residents and business places support our teams at high levels. As Pete mentioned this morning, many of our high school football players move on to college level ball, and on to majors if they are lucky. Speaks well of our programs and the coaches, many who have had careers in football and bring experience and knowledge to our schools.

Good to have you back Pete, and great to have Friday night football back on the air.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


I met the new management team at the Auburn Journal Newspaper yesterday at Mel’s Dinner on 49 highway. It was a pleasant meeting, and I left the dinner after an hour of “get to know you” conversation impressed with the Publisher Todd Frantz; Editor Dennis Noone and Retail Manager M.J. Heltsley. All are new to the paper and the area bringing lots of experience and knowledge about running a local Newspaper. They promise a lot of change and more involvement in the local community as they chart a new course for the paper. I have observed several subtle changes in the past few months and of course one major change with the elimination of Monday’s paper. I enjoyed meeting them and listening to their past experiences and plans for the future. I feel the AJ is in good hands.

Local Newspapers and Radio stations are almost as important to a local community as Fire and Police. We serve as the “Voice” of the community and should deliver needed services to our listeners and readers that is helpful and truthful. There are the legal notices which each local paper must serve. There is the need to promote activities that serve the community, show pictures of our local community citizens doing extra ordinary things, showing our young people as they excel in sports and other activities as they ready their lives for becoming adults, and hopefully either stay or return to Auburn and serve the future.

All local papers and radio stations have had to adjust to the loss of revenue with a major shift of advertising to the internet. Both local papers and radio stations depend 100% on advertising revenue and suffer during economic downturns and shifts in the ad dollars. We both enjoy loyal local business partners who have continued to support us with their advertising. They truly make it possible for us to exist, and our listeners who buy from these advertisers are also indirectly making all the services we provide, like coverage of local football, possible.

The great thing about a small community is many of us become engaged in community affairs and with volunteer help, so many other things are possible.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


Here we go again, a fight between the Federal Government and the local water authorities over the water in Folsom Dam. The Federal administration over the dam operation, The Bureau of Reclamation, is accused of syphoning water from the dam to export to Southern California. The Bureau says they need to keep cold water downstream to protect Steelhead Trout and Salmon fish population. The Bureau announced this week they are going to take the water levels in the dam to an all time low of 376 feet above sea level. This represents a level of 300,000 acre-feet of water which is 100,000 acre-feet lower than the 1977 severe drought which caused many water problems locally. Granite Bay, Folsom and Roseville water customers could be directly affected since the San Juan district outlets at the dam would have water below the outlets and force the district to attempt to feed customers from wells.

This scenario is always a mystery since we expect our political system to understand the infrastructure requirements over many years in the future when planning cities and growth. This is not rocket science, just good planning. This battle over water can get nasty in this state since Mother Nature plays such an important part of the supply. Talking about Rain and Snow.

Lets hope the powers that be use common sense and make decisions that satisfy the basis needs of our population and the economy of the region. Water is one of the life sustaining needs and needs to be managed well and to the benefit of all concerned. Pray for rain! Auburn Journal was major source for this article.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!


I salute Pro-Tem Darrell Stienberg for his reaction to the Grand Jury’s report pointing out what we have been saying for months….there is no overview on the funds that are allocated to Counties to provide mental health services to the mentally ill residents in the county. In studying this issue which I started last year, this was the first discovery we made. The funding for mentally ill that have no insurance or income has gone through major change since the end of WW II. What started out as a national program was turned over to the states. California then shut the mental hospitals throwing the sick on the streets to fend for themselves. Stienberg introduced Prop 63 in November 2004 which set funding in place but assigned the responsibility to the Counties. The mistake made was not to provide proper oversight on several billion dollars worth of taxpayer funds and the Grand Jury has found widespread abuse of this money. The legislator has been slow to react, and in the meantime there has been major abuse and neglect of the very people that need the help. The current path they are taking makes sense and I hope they succeed in causing a full audit each year on the spending of the funds. I hope they have the foresight to fund this with state money and not syphon already scarce funds from the existing program.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


Some Things:

Had a fun weekend. Followed with NEWS 20 camera the annual wine tour and dinner held by “The Gathering Inn” in Roseville. This is a fund raiser for the organization who has dedicated services to homeless people. Suzi DeFosset, the Executive Director has created along with an impressive Board of Directors an organization that should be held up as a model of how communities should handle the “homeless” problem. Was very impressed with our local wineries. Took lots of pictures.

Dave Rosenthal, a long time icon here at KAHI Radio has moved on to another life. As of today, we picture Dave sitting in a cube getting trained to be a part of another generation totally foreign to the world of Radio we have enjoyed together for the past several years. Dave had a quick wit, loved to rename his friends with names that fit into his quips, and was really liked by most he met, and many he never met. Dave also gave a lot of time and energy to our town by participation with the Chamber, Played music for years for the monthly car show, and was an MC for our many parades. Gonna miss the laughs, Dave…best of luck on your new journey!

The American fire doubled in size this weekend and is still causing major breathing problems throughout the foothills and many areas of the Valley. So far there has been no residential damage but there are a lot of if’s with this fire. Weather forecasters are predicting a thunder storm in the area of the fire tonight bringing danger of dry lightening which is a major contributor to starting fires like this one. Lets hope we get water, not too much so not to flood and pollute the streams that feeds our water supply, and little lightening so firefighters can concentrate on this one and get it under control.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!


The situation in Egypt is very serious, particularly for the people of Egypt. This part of the world has been unsettled for centuries, however now in this time, it is more serious than ever before. The reason is that the political unrest in the region has taken on international impact and the outcome in these civil wars have direct affect on our and the world economy. The struggle for power in these countries is usually based in controlling world oil prices and now even control over oil production.

These countries have only one income and that is oil. If production of crude switches to other countries, these countries risk major economic collapse. The USA oil production is somewhat of a sleeper. We are daily increasing our ability to produce oil using new drilling and extraction techniques such as Fracking. This is using high pressure water to drive oil and gas from pockets of shale. PA, SC, and several other states are rolling up major production of oil which may in fact move the balance of oil power for the first time in many years. This certainly must have many political groups nervous at the potential of their own economy.

The political watchers are more concerned this morning with what the Obama administration will do with what is truly a civil war, and several critics believe we should keep our nose out of their business. In the meantime several hundred citizens have been killed in the unrest. The sad truth is major powers in the world make a lot of money by supplying weapons, planes, bullets and money to both sides.

Time to play the sone: “Why can’t we just get along!”

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!


If you have never attended the Concours d’Elegance at Lake Tahoe, you don’t know what you have missed. I had the pleasure this past weekend, and came home feeling like I have been a part of history renewed. This yearly boat show is an exhibition of rebuilt classic boats, mostly wooden Cris Craft. This was the 41st year for this classic and had 71 classic boats being shown by proud owners. This year’s theme was honoring a man, Alan Furth, who at one time owned and restored over 70 classics, and certainly was a legend. A portion of his collection, now owned by other proud owners, was highlighted at this year’s show.

The event takes three days. Friday, the boats arrive at the Sierra Boat Company marina and occupy slots that regular customers give up for the three days for the show. Friday afternoon is view and talk with the boats and owners. This is really fun because each owner(s) has a story on how they secured their vessel and named it. Also there are about 30 judges that come from all over the world to judge the boats. They use a point system starting at 100 points and subtracting for each incident that doesn’t meet the rules. The rules cover the restoration process and insures that official Classic Boat parts are used, and the restoration is authentic. Friday night there is a BBQ and the winners get their plaques and trophies.

Saturday, the visitation continues throughout the day. At 4PM the parade starts led off by the famous Thunderbird, a 1930 55 foot commuter boat featuring a shinny stainless steel cabin top. This classic was built for millionaire George Whittell who had a great fascination with aircraft, auto and boat technology. He ordered the boat be patterned after his personal DC-2 airplane. It also has two airplane engines that create 1,100 horse power each. Boat can speed along at 60 miles per hour and was used to transport stars and celebrities to the Thunderbird Lodge in the 30’s and 40’s. The boat is housed at the original 1940 steel boathouse at the Thunderbird Lodge National District on the East shore of Lake Tahoe. Visitors can tour the boathouse from June through September. Leading off the “Woodie” parade, several lucky lottery winners got to ride along.

Sunday, the marina returns to normal as the classic boats that are not moored at the Sierra marina leave and other owners that do return. The Tahoe Yacht club who runs this show start the review process, look at pictures and start planning the 42nd Concours d’Elegance to be held next year.

I had the pleasure of video taping the two days, capturing most of the owners telling their story on obtaining their prized boat, its restoration and naming it. I also video taped the entire parade of boats and will create a one hour program for the ACTV Channel 20 next week. Check the web site for times.

It was a great weekend being a part of what has become a great tradition.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


Are we really at War? The sentiment of the basic American is of mistrust at most things the Government does and trust in the Press is at an all time low. We have come to an interesting cross roads in our society where indifference rules the day.

Who is to blame? Well there is plenty to go around. The political system appears to be so out of control that we daily are hit with surprises that keeps taking our personal money and no relief in sight. We never see relief, or tax reductions, or gas prices dropping and staying there. What we see is increases everywhere and no real increase in services or benefits.

The Press has become so lop sided we almost ignore everything they report, believing everything is bias to one direction or the other. The old fashioned truth reporter is long gone and replaced with media that reacts to things that fits their overall agenda of opinion.

The general business population is driven by greed and most are mistrusted by us all. The price gouging and now the mass shift of employees from full to part time to fight back the government forced medical plan is truly hurting families and people that are struggling just to get through each month. I don’t blame the business as much as I blame the regulations and tax situation that forces business management into survival mode.

Now back to the original question, are we really at War? It certainly appears so. This time, we are fighting individual ideologues that don’t follow any rules. They don’t line up in straight lines wearing different colored uniforms so the enemy can be identified. Instead of driving in jeeps and tanks carrying M1’s…we have pilots sitting at Beal Air Force Base using satellites to fly airplanes by remote control dropping bombs and shooting the enemy on the ground. Is the Robot solider and remote control tank next? We have been doing it that way on Video Game programs for years and have a lot of trained people that can do it. Has this been the plan all along?

I am guessing we will talk about this again soon!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!