August 1st. Wow where did July go?

Time and its passing of it has been a fascination of mine most of my life. I started at about 13 years old trying to get more things done in the same amount of time, which drove my parents a little crazy. They were efficient for the time, but enjoyed sitting down at the end of a day, having a cup of coffee and talking. I was delivering papers, participating in Boy Scouts, ushering at the local movie house and weekends sitting pins at the local bowling alley. Mom used to say: “you are too busy and I never get to see you!” I would answer “why do you want to see me?” Her reply was always the same: “I need things done around the house!” I would then say: “So hire me, I am open on Thursday’s!” That always got a good laugh. What fascinates me is how many times I have had similar conversations with girlfriends, Wives, Children, Grandchildren etc.

The attempt to get more time of course is physically impossible. One hour is still 60 minutes, and that has and will never change. I also have been fascinated at how fast time seems to go by when you are busy. I guess the opposite would be true. Stop being so busy and time will slow down. Tried that once, think is was a Tuesday, and decided boredom is not my thing.

As I navigated through my career, I started studying time management. I found it so fascinating that I studied, applied and then taught it to senior management level executives and their staffs. As I started to see a sunset in working I took a job at a major telecommunications company, and set a 5 year program of time and production management in play as a lab to prove several theories that I had developed over many years. The end result was great and I look to one day writing that book on the theories and results.

I could have written that book several times over now, just can’t find the time. Yea! Too busy!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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